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Book a cab from Delhi to Salasar Bala ji

Right along the National Highway 65 near Sujangarh, Churu District, Rajasthan, is a town called Salasar. The religious temple of Salasar Balaji.   

Places to Visit
Being a land blessed by the gods, Salasar Balaji has a number of temples with fine architecture and numerous stories linked to them.    

Shopping Destinations
There is a small market outside Salasar Balaji Temple; buy home made papads, pickles, Rajasthani spices, churans, badis, incense sticks and other reli.   

Local Festivals
The local people of Salasar Balaji celebrate a number of local festivals and set up fairs to bring the community together. Ashvin Shukla Chaturdashi.   

Famous Restaurants/Dhabas on the way
The GHB Hotel near the Salasar Balaji Temple’s entrance serves delicious food to weary travelers and hungry pilgrims. And, right there on the street.